OPH® Energy Path Basic Training 1




from 21 June hour 10:00
to 29 June hour 16:30

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It is a training that teaches you how to give a complete individual OPH® session. It expands your perception and sensitizes you to new insights into more subtle realities. It reconnects you with your emotions and the world of feeling.

It is a process of training and individual growth that teaches how to recognize and intervene on the energy field (Aura) in order to increase the state of psychophysical well-being at all levels (thoughts and beliefs, emotions, sensations, physicality).

It is a path that can be undertaken both for personal growth and as a professional specialization and can also improve already acquired techniques such as body work, counseling and energy healing.

During the training you have the opportunity to explore and deepen meditation through the use of different techniques from the Western and Eastern tradition. Thus, by experiencing and understanding the energetic and spiritual events of life, a process of inner growth and transformation is initiated.

OPH® Energy Path is a method created by Upadhi and Chidvilas in Osho’s Ashram in the 1980s and also took its source from the answers given by Osho himself to their questions on the circulation of energies.

It consists of Basic and Advanced Training, followed by further OPH® training with two specialization:

Masters: Healing Shocks (only for those who have completed the OPH® basic path)
Memory Access, open to all following an interview


  • Energy cleaning of environments
  • Chakras: what they are, how they move and their effect on the movement of vital energy; correspondence in aspects of life.
  • Centering: Hara, source of all energies
  • Center of energy transformation: Heart – 4th chakra
  • Hara – Heart connection
  • Listening: openness to presence – Inner Body
  • Astral body and energetic fire (Fire element)
  • Bioplasmic body and etheric flow (Water element)
  • Material physical body (Earth element)
  • Basic Session: intervention on three Auric Bodies. Perception of the auric field and energy harmonization interventions
  • OPH meditation techniques: Sphere of light – Golden Nectar – The Well – The 7 chakras – OPH self-healing


OPH® Energy Path Basic Training

It is a training that teaches an individual session that brings: relaxation, centering, emotional cleansing, presence, clarity…



Anunaya, in 1998, started training with the Osho Prana Healing School and in 2019 she became an...