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This training was developed by Osho to ensure that his techniques remained pure and were not modified. He tells us: “The best way to learn something is to teach it.” This training is for you if you are new to meditation and want to feel secure in how your meditation is going and also if you are ready to share meditation methods with others – either in your work situation, or just with friends.

It is an experiential workshop with just a little theory and writing, although you will receive a booklet of quotes and techniques. We learn how to share the almost inexpressible experience of meditation through our own practice. Your confidence in your own meditation comes through encouragement as you learn how to answer questions and counsel others about their meditation.

In these uncertain times we have learnt to be flexible and how to share meditations when we cannot be in a group of people in person. You will learn how to offer meditations online and how your presence can be transmitted – even online. Video and playback will be a great help for you to see yourself as you present a meditation.

“If you already love meditation, do not wait for your meditation to be “deep enough” or for you to be ready. Your love of meditation is enough.” OSHO



Shunyo and Marco

Shunyo is sannyasin since 1974 and has lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of his...