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What better way to begin 2023 than to let the celebrative Zorba energy of the festive season settle into the silence of the Buddha? Vipassana is an opportunity to rest inside while the excitement of the New Year settles. Enter in the new year as a Buddha is a great way to open up to what comes, meeting it in silence and meditation.

Osho Vipassana is a time to just be and watch, easy on the body: nothing for the mind to get involved in, just you relaxing in the silent source of your own energy.
Vipassana is also known as an insight meditation, when without thinking about something, a sudden understanding can happen. We will be in silence for the whole time (unless you wish to receive a private session).

This Retreat is open for all people with different experiences of silent meditation.
Vipassana is an advanced meditation, but many times people come who are trying this method for the first time and they are immensely rewarded.

“Buddha used to say: Start with breathing because that is the most simple thing in the world, so simple that you dont do it at all. It happens on its own. You dont breathe, you are never aware of breathing unless something goes wrong, it goes on its own. You can go on sleeping and the breathing continues. And it is good: otherwise, if you had to take care about it life would be impossible. Breathing is spontaneous, it is a very simple process: the breath just goes in, goes out nothing much in it. Buddha says: Watch it, become aware of it. Sitting silently, simply see the breath going in, the breath going out. You will feel very bored because it is very monotonous: the same breath coming in, the same breath going out. The first problem has to be very simple, like breathing. And the second problem will be that you will have to face boredom. And if you can face boredom, boredom disappears and you will find a tremendous calm behind it. Start awareness with the breathing process.

At least for one hour every day, sit silently just watching your breathing, doing nothing not even chanting a mantra because then you are making it complex something that should be simple, according to its nature. You simply see the breathing, it is a natural mantra: it goes in, goes out, goes in, goes out.  Awareness moves with the breathing, you simply perceive that it is coming and that it is going out. Try to remember it and probably you will find difficulties even in this simple process. For few seconds you will be aware, then you will forget it. The mind has a tendency to take you as an hostage, bringing your attention to your work, to your relation, to your children and more generally to your problems. After a while you will remember that you have forgotten, you are not observing your breath, and so you will come back.” OSHO


Shunyo and Marco

Shunyo is sannyasin since 1974 and has lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of his...