Psychic Massage Training 2




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Psychic Massage is very much concerned with the parts of the body which open up to presence. There is no attempt to change the client or to make them different, but rather there is an interest in meeting being-to-being.

When the clients being can be nourished, it supports love and trust to grow in that responsive part of the body, which in turn indirectly affects the neighboring closed parts, making them softer and more open to reconciliation. Therefore, when you meet open parts of the body, you share your energy abundantly, and when you meet closed parts of the body, you circulate your energy inside yourself rather than exchanging. You learn in this course how to keep your energy fresh and loving even when, by chance, there is no receptivity in a part of the body that you are massaging.
If in Part 1 you learned the appropriate movements for massaging someone, in Part 2 you repeat those movements but this time paying more attention to the energetic impact of your massage. For example, not only do you penetrate the musculature of your client physically, but also energetically. You will be able to sense if massaging a specific part of the body is affecting the whole. The more the clients energy is flowing internally, the more integrated the session becomes.
You also become more aware about the rhythm and quality of your movements. At times you will experience Wei-Wu-Weiaction through inaction. On the outside there is action, and on the inside nothing moves because you are not the doer. When this phenomenon takes place, your actions are effortless and the one who receives your touch is moved by the feelings of awe, of wonder, of profound satisfaction in simply being oneself.

  • Observing your sensations in the moments of contact
  • Letting the energy penetrate where a meeting is possible
  • Keeping your energy fresh when massaging closed areas
  • Perceiving the flow of energy at a distance from where you are massaging
  • Connecting to the two roots (legs)
  • Sensing the right moments to act and to rest
  • Maintaining a natural rhythm
  • Experiencing action through inaction
    This course will include guided meditation, dance, massage techniques, awareness exercises in pairs and session exchanges. We will learn how and when to penetrate the energetic system, deepening our sensibility and attention to rhythm. This course is meant for people who wants to learn to act without effort, remaining fluid and avoiding exhausting.
    Part 2 is open to anyone who already has at least four days of professional training in massage plus experience in meditation.



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