Rising in Love




from 16 May hour 10:00
to 19 May hour 16:30

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“Man and woman exist only in the body. At the most, their reflections exist in the mind. But the soul is neither man nor woman. You have to go beyond both. So watch… and remain distant, aloof. Remain aware. When the woman is there functioning, watch; when the man is there functioning, watch – but remain alert that you are neither.” OSHO

In this 4-day retreat we will embark on an inspiring and healing journey of self-discovery and inner alchemy to explore the interplay of masculine and feminine energies in our mind, emotions and in our relationships.

Based on the teachings of Osho, we will explore the different qualities of positive masculinity and femininity, and we will also learn how to take responsibility for the negative aspects.

On our journey we will harmonize these complementary forces to achieve a state of peaceful inner dialogue and creative communion.


Exercises and meditations to discover the 4 dimensions: the positive and negative masculine and the positive and negative feminine.
Sharing circles and inquiry work, creative emotional expression, dance and circle singing, nature walks, shamanic work and fire rituals.


• Appreciate your positive masculine qualities such as initiative, creativity, courage and adventurousness so that you can express your masculine power more constructively.
• Explore the qualities of your positive femininity such as receptivity, love, compassion and caring, which will deepen your connection with yourself and others.
• Balance your Yin and Yang to gain a greater sense of wholeness and to positively change your relationships.
• Immerse yourself in the dance of masculine and feminine energies within yourself and in life and discover the inherent beauty of this cosmic play.


This course is for people, single or in partnership, who wish to deepen their understanding of the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies within the colourful and diverse rainbow of all human beings.

“In the meeting of meditation and love is the meeting of man and woman. And in that meeting, we create the transcendental human being – which is neither man nor woman. Unless we create the transcendental man on the earth, there is not much hope.” OSHO