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from 6 September hour 10:00
to 10 September hour 16:30

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The Journey into the Book of Secrets continues…

In November 2022 we began this process and we found that the journey is so rich that many of the techniques are yet to be explored – so the journey continues…

Osho’s “Book of Secrets” uncovers a vast world of paths to discover our inner reality, and the essential foundation that runs through all these tantra methods is witnessing.
It is a journey into the mysteries of ancient Indian wisdom. These techniques are the answers that Shiva was giving to Parvati in answer to her questions about the meaning of life and how to live consciously.
Osho has translated these methods into ways for us to experiment and to use these techniques in our daily activities.

During this workshop we will explore how the habit of our busy minds take us into past and future and we miss the moment.

Moving from thinking to feeling, from head to heart is the easiest way to be present and there is more than one method to help us experience this.

We will be using our senses as ways to be present – the sense of looking, listening and touch. Some of the techniques are body oriented and some take us beyond what we perceive as our body.
The techniques are practiced sometimes alone, and sometimes connecting with each other, sometimes in silence and stillness and sometimes in dance and celebration. Osho encourages us to ‘play’ with the techniques until a ‘click’ happens and you can choose for yourself which method can change you and your mind.

Marco playing live music, especially created for the meditations gives our workshop a joyful atmosphere that supports us to let go into the moment.

“These one hundred and twelve methods are for the whole humanity – for all the ages that have passed and for all the ages that have yet to come. In no time has there ever been a single man, and there will never be one, who can say, ”These one hundred and twelve methods are all useless for me.” Impossible! This is impossible!
Every type of mind has been taken into account. Every possible type of mind has been given a technique in tantra. There are many techniques for which no man exists yet; they are for the future.
There are many techniques for which no man exists now; they are for the past. But do not be afraid.
There are many methods which are for you.”  OSHO, The Book of Secrets


Shunyo and Marco

Shunyo is sannyasin since 1974 and has lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of his...