Primal Training 6




dal 21 Novembre ore 10:00
al 27 Novembre ore 16:30

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In this training we share the understanding and experience of thirty years of work in the Primal field, developed and nurtured on the basis of meditation.
The conscious release of emotions (positive or negative) held in our past makes us more open and available to the present and creates space and relaxation within and around us. This work not only allows us to recover our true childhood, but also offers us an initiation into being really adults.
Through the different stages of teaching, the adult in you will be invited to develop his abilities as a scientist of the inner world and stimulated to take sides with the child as a warrior. You will be supported in growing as a healer and inspired to relax inside you as a meditator. The child in you and the people you work with, feeling seen and included will begin to expand, you will again have access to all the energy and natural qualities that have been blocked and forgotten since childhood.
At the core of this exploration we will find the being that was present at the moment of conception, uncontaminated and full of potential.
In the first three parts a series of ten sessions will be taught that move back in time. We will go through the various stages of childhood development – from the age of ten to birth – penetrating the acquired personality layer by layer and reconnecting to our original nature, being already present at the moment of birth. This being will make you capable of making decisions and moving through life with spontaneity and presence. For each stage of development, you will learn through direct experience to recognize the themes of that period. For each period of your childhood we will teach you a specific method to recontact the emotions stuck in that phase and take back the essential qualities then lost. At each stage, we will also introduce the body type that corresponds to it.
To participate in the training, experience in the field of childhood work is required.

This training is recommended for those who want to deepen their experience of themselves in the field of Primal work, with greater understanding and new keys and to those who are ready to receive a teaching that can be used in working with others, learning a new map and a multitude of techniques and tools.

MODULE 6: Topics

  • Encounters skills and open work
  • Trance dialoguing
  • Past life work
  • Rediscovering the purpose of our soul
  • Integration

After this training, with the help of our supervision and an internship as an assistant, you will be able to offer the ten deconditioning sessions from childhood under our guidance. You will also bring your creativity into facilitating Primal single sessions and events that touch childhood issues with multiple participants.

Each part of the Training is complete in itself, except for parts 2 and 3 that must be done in this sequence. We recommend starting with part 1. For those who want to start only with another part, an interview with Svarup is required.



Svarup is specialized in Deconditioning work, both childhood and adolescence and sexuality, and is a...