Overcoming trauma




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Trauma is the result of one or a series of overwhelming events that create frozenness or an over activated state in our body and mind.

This can lead to symptoms of posttraumatic stress that can severely disturb our life and our way of relating to others. Traumatic wounds are often triggered by other life events, which then put us in a state of dysregulation, anxiety or rage.

To heal trauma the emotional and physiological charge that is inherent in the response to the traumatic event needs to be gently discharged and step by step integrated into our body-mind system.

In this workshop we learn how to recognize and deal with trauma states in a way that promotes healing. We develop an awareness of the resources that are available to us to cope with a past trauma and how to help our body to complete something that originally was a healthy and natural response to a threatening event. Besides healing shock trauma, we will especially learn how to heal bonding and early life traumas that can damage our trust and sense of safety when relating with others. We work in a resource oriented way using specific exercises and learn from watching demonstration sessions. This workshop is open to everybody

Some of the topics addressed:

  • Understanding the basic physiology of trauma
  • Using resources for promoting a gentle discharge
  • The steps to healing and how to find self-regulation
  • Specific communication skills with regard to trauma
  • Boundary work and developing a sense of safe boundaries
  • Working with resources in relating trauma
  • Systemic and transgenerational aspects of trauma
  • The role of creativity in trauma healing



Svagito is a therapist and spritual teacher, who combines therapy with meditation and mindfulness....