Atisha: the 7 doors to meditation

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Meditation is a confrontation with our self, an individual exploration and journey into the depths of our heart and mind, into what and who we are. It is a process of going deeper and deeper into this reality, dropping conditionings, fears, illusions, ideas, dreams, layers after layers... This camp, a deep immersion into Osho's revolutionary and innovative meditations, is based on Osho's commentary and explanation on the 11th century Tibetan text of Atisha "Seven Points of Mind Training (Lo Jong)" (Pha-chos Bu-chos). An invaluable guide, and a light for all inner paths, for every meditator, which can completely transform the mind and heart. An opening to the limitless space of our inner being.Some of the main issue in this retreat: - The Preliminaries. - Atisha Meditation, "Tong-Len" ("Giving and Taking" in Tibetan), also known as "Heart Meditation". - The arising of Bodhicitta. - The base of mind functioning and the illusion of the ego. - The four bodies (kaya). - The essential meaning of witnessing. - The difficulties and fundamental points of the awareness process. - The meaning of "Compassion". - The meaning of "Wisdom". - The transcendental function of the five senses. - The "Three principal causes" and "The three treasures". - The authentic and true meaning of "Freedom"."These "Seven Points of Mind Training" are the fundamental teaching that Atisha gave to Tibet. They are of immense value. ...They are like seeds but contain the infinite. ...Meditate on Atisha, listen to His advice; it is a manual to discipline yourself, is a manual of inner transformation. ...These sutras are golden. Keep them in your heart, ...They will nourish you, they will strengthen you, they will transform you. ... It is the teaching that can help you grow into Wisdom." OSHO

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