Dying to Live

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Themes: explore the emotions, meditation techniques, rebalance energy,

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Many people realize when they are dying that they have not really lived. So many things they really wanted to do were postponed or denied and much of their life was spent living for others.

In these five days we will explore what death has to teach us about life, working towards demystifying the experience enough so we can allow ourselves to live life to its fullest potential.

We will look at our conditioned ideas about death, how we have been taught to deny death and the ways in which we are trying to avoid the issue of dying, pretending that it does not matter.
The exercises in this group are designed to look at death clearly as a part of life, not as life’s enemy.

When we understand what death has to teach us, we are able to live a much fuller, richer life. A life that supports both dark and light; a life that does not postpone; a life in which we breath in and out deeply. We learn to prioritize what is important and not waste our precious life energy on the non-essential.


  • Tarika Glubin has a Master’s degree in Psychology and has spent the better part of the last 40 ye...

  • Prem Shunyo has been practicing OSHO meditation techniques for forty-five years, during which ...

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