Healing Trauma

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The shocks are blacks holes in the aura. We experience these holes feeling frozen, paralyzed, lost, cut off, embarrassed, etc. Often when we are in shock, we feel ashamed or feel guilty. Each one of us has the experience of moments of shame in which you felt inadequate, often in correlation with the states of shock. This phenomenon is often expressed with a difficulty to communicate and share those feelings with others and this can make us feel hopeless. The method of "healing shock" was created more than 20 years ago in the ashram of Osho. The Master teaches us to take action on the states of shock through a process that is based on a energetic technique of conscious regression that facilitates the dissolution of the trauma and wounds that have been created in the past. Through the use of Osho Prana Healing and related work on the hara, takes place a powerful healing process that bridges the vital energy of any holes blacks.First part - Pure exploration of the stages of shock - Shock: how it manifests and recognize how "to be" in a state of shock - Shock: Symptoms and adaptation strategies and system response - How to recontact the energetic and psychic reality to enable the understanding and transformation of the shock - How shock and shame restrict the natural flow of vital energySecond Part - The tracks of emotional wounds in the subtle bodies - Work techniques on the hara and transformation methods - Regression exercises - Centering exercises - OPH Meditation Techniques: The Well and the gentle awakening - OPH induction to the Trust of feeling - Keys to understanding and presence - Energy session - Exchange sessions

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  • Has 35 years experience with energy work. Meeting Osho (1980) she also developed - with Chidvilas...

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