Primal Training 1

Meeting the Inner Child

Category: training/formation, residential,

Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings,

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18 November 2019
(h 10:00)
24 November 2019
(h 16:30)
7 days
In this Training, we want to share our understanding and our exprerience of 30 years or work on Primal issues around the field of meditation. Our understanding ia that releasing consiously whatever emotion (Positive or Negative) has remained locked or kept in our past, will give us a chance to be more available to the present, and make space, inside and around us, for emptiness and relaxation. Our Experience is that this Journey is as much a Liberation of the true childhood as an initiation into real adulthood. You will be taught a series of 10 individual session series backwards in time, to heal the wounds of the past and retrieve our original being. We will move through each developmental stage, from age 10 back to birth, peeling off layer after layer of acquired personality and returning to the original sense of individuality, the core that was present already at birth. Regaining contact with that core will enable you to make decisions and move about your life with more spontaneity and presence. For each stage of development, we will teach the issues belonging to that period, both through understanding and self-exploration. For each different period of childhood, you will learn a special method designed for contacting the issues and re-owning the essential quality of that time. For each age, we will teach you our understanding of the Body Type that corresponds to it.PART 1: Exploring “TIME-TRAVEL” Trance Journeys Voluntary and Involuntary trances Gestalt and Constellations understanding the mechanism of conditioning Experiencing our adult part Learning to shift perspective and become the child consciously Meeting the Child inside  

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