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Intimacy: connecting with the inner flow is an online workshop with Anjori  and Dhairya of two half days: Saturday 17 April from 4 to 7 pm and Sunday 18 April from 10am to 1pm.

This work was created to support you, especially in this delicate moment, in your relationship as a couple and to share with you some of the many treasures of the world of Tantra. Tantra means tools for expansion.  Often when we talk about tantra we focus only on sexuality.

Osho mentions that “energy is energy” - Energy can have different expressions: sexual, emotional, expressions of the heart and mental (thinking). 

The Tibetan Buddhist Tantra utilises a map that operates with 3 layers. The understanding is to bring awareness into these 3 layers and instead of releasing the energy we learn to contain, to have more space and deepen the relaxation.

In this group we will bring attention to the inner flow that happens in both of you individually and to the flow that happens between the two of you. We will become more sensitive to this flow and explore how to connect with each other. We will bring understanding to the emotional part that often stops the flow between us. 

There will be Meditations from Tantra the supports an energetic non-verbal connection between the two of you.

Tantra gives possibilities for:

  • a more relaxed flow in the relationship 
  • supporting us in shifting the focus from the other back to ourselves 
  • a love-making that becomes meditative and more intimate
  • a shift in our relating with more acceptance for each other where we learn how to step out of habitual conflicts

This course is for couples who already have participated in our previous courses and would like to continue and deepen the process and also for “new” couples who would like find new ways to enrich their relationship.

The courses happens in an atmosphere with respect for the individual.

The time in-between the two days you’ll have space and time for practising meditations and Tantric Practises. 

We are looking forward to support you and share with you some of the many treasure from the world of tantra.

Cost of the workshop € 80,00 for person + € 18,00  Membership Card 2021

How to pay :

  • Bank transfer to Istituto Osho Miasto – Banca Etica IBAN IT63S0501802800000011764156 
  • Through PayPal – specifying the email address:  amministrazione@oshomiasto.it 

Please specify date and title of the event and send us a copy of the payment to the email address below.

Info & Booking : groupoffice@oshomiasto.it  – +39 0577.960124  -  +39 0577 960133

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