Tantric Pulsation for Couples

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It often happens that after some time of being together, couples notice that the passion they felt for each in the beginning of their relationships has faded into a kind of routine, or even boredom. This group is an opportunity for couples to relax together, to meet each other afresh; to re-connect with the bio-electric attraction, the masculine and feminine polarity, that originally brought them together. We will use neo-Reichian deep breathing, movement, dance, active body meditations, chakra energy work to loosen the body's muscular "armoring", opening to deeper layers of relaxation and sensitivity Tantric meditations developed from Osho's "Book of Secrets" will form a basis for partner meditations using breath, eye contact, touch, inner sensing and sharing Meeting and melting with the other in a deep let-go, we can rediscover the natural blissfulness that is a potential of our loving relationships. This group will provide experiences and keys which couples can take home with them and continue to use, keys which can deepen and expand their loving sexual relationship.This is not a problem-oriented group, but rather a re-affirmation of shared love. It is a space to open up in deep trust and receptivity to the love we all long to give and receive.

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