Tantric Pulsation

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Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body, meditation techniques,

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Tantric Pulsation is an experiment in human energy, a re-awakening of the body's capacity to feel and enjoy pleasure in its own flowing vitality and aliveness. Rooted in the work of Wilhelm Reich and in the active meditations of Osho, it is a body/energy approach to Tantra.Tantric Pulsation is an opportunity to bring new sensitivity and awareness -- the quality of meditation -- to your intimate meetings with others. It is an exploration of the of the energetic attraction, the energetic polarity, between man and woman. Together we learn to meditate within the powerful wave of sexual energy.Tantric 'sutras' from Osho's "Book of Secrets" will form a basis for:partner meditations using chakra energy work breathing eye contact touch inner sensing sharingThese playful energetic meetings can bring us a taste of bliss in the spontaneity and let-go of each moment, opening up in deep trust and receptivity to the love we all long to give and receive.

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