Twice Born: Osho Primal

Childhood Deconditioning

Category: thematic workshops,

Themes: explore the emotions, free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources,

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23 October 2020
(h 10:00)
30 October 2020
(h 16:30)
8 days
This group is a journey of rebellion against what is false and forced upon you, and of recovery of the positive essential spaces that you truly experienced as a child. Step by step, we will go back in time, through each stage of development of your childhood, from school time back to the time of conception. We will explore and understand what conditioning each different individual has received, as well through direct intervention of the parents as through absorbing the holes, deficiencies and fears of family and surrounding. You will be able to recognize what mask you grew used to wear, and how you continue wearing it in the old hope of being acknowledged and accepted. Once you realize how your free being has been imprisoned and conditioned by all of this, you will have full space and support to put a stop to that, to throw it off, to take off your mask, to let out a shout, to start moving the way you really want, and to celebrate the lightness and freedom that is regained when the old weight is gone. When you conquer and dissolve the negative side of your past, long forgotten treasures will remerge. You will be able to reconnect with the love, the adventurousness, the spontaneity you felt when you were a child. You will rediscover the deep-seated impulse that has brought you to want to be born and live exactly this life. And you will be able to bow down to the gifts you received from your parents, without having to accept or fight against all the negativity and the conditions that you believed you had to absorb together with those gifts. With those gifts, you will be able to turn away from the past and rejoice in the freedom of creating your own life the way you want it.Previous experience with either bodywork, breath or emotions is recommended The Tantra - Sexual deconditioning group (which takes place in Miasto two days after the end of the Primal) is a very good continuation. If you can continue right away your process with Tantra, the atmosphere of trust created in the Primal will allow you to go through your issues around teenage and sexuality with greater openness. However, if you cannot continue immediately, you will be able to catch up on next year, with equal benefit.


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