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Breath brings you to this moment, to feel your self again, to rediscover your body and it’s needs. Spontaneity arises bringing the possibility of a new adventure in life.

In these one-hour sessions you meditate using your breath. You will explore the benefits of the breath work, rooting into your body, reconnecting with the energetic flow and expanding your awareness.

Gently open your life energy flow and release old fears around intimacy. You relax intothe beauty of your body and its senses and experience the greatest gift in life : to open your heart for the joy of being alive.

Connecting to essential centers in the body, the Hara and the heart The Hara, the source of life, feelings and connection with life. The Heart is the center of love within.
Coming back home with acceptance and beyond Judgment. Strengthen your Hara and Open your Heart.

Before the meditation there is an introduction to the technique. After each meditation there is a short space dedicated to questions and answers or simply to share and deepen the experience that is new and different each time.

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“When you are calm and quiet, joyful, your breathing has a musical quality to it – your breathing is almost a song. When you are feeling at home in existence, when you have no desires and are feeling contented, suddenly breathing almost stops. When you are in a state of awe, of wonder, breathing stops for a moment. And those are the greatest moments of life, because only in those moments when breathing almost stops are you in utter tune with existence: you are God and God is in you.” OSHO, The Secret of Secrets



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