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Clay: Meditation and Forms is a workshop about pottery and meditation, designed and inspired by traditional antique techniques. Sumito’s Art Therapy is based on meditation and is focused on putting you in touch with your essence. It helps you to discover a state of presence that guides you beyond the mind and that pushes you to create spontaneously and in absolute freedom. Whatever you create becomes the mirror of your present moment. The creative act comes from an intuition, and intuition comes from a space of inner silence.

Working with clay is an unexpected encounter between space and shapes. In this course you use space to go in search of shapes and enter a process of transformation. With clay, giving a shape and changing the shape can be the beginning for the acceptance of a change, both external and internal.

In this workshop, we will use space and sculpture in search of harmony to enter a process in the transformation of form. With clay, giving a shape and changing the shape can be the beginning of accepting change, both internal and external. We will go in, in search of a space that allows us to abandon ourselves with a curiosity for the unknown, that wants to express itself. We will meet forms that manifest naturally.

We work in total freedom of expression, listening to ourselves, through active meditation, especially through dance that offers a grounding in the body. Dance is also but expression in space searching for a form or forms that the body wants to assume.

Let’s experience what it means to be creative. What does it mean to let yourself go and listen to life that speaks through us? So when lines and shapes meet, they can also be different: long, wide, round … and coexist in peace, in their harmonious beauty. Harmony must be perceived and found within us, and this creates the dimension of perfection in creativity, as in nature. Sometimes the whole takes a form and sometimes it becomes formless … both bring beauty.

The encounter with forms, in search of harmony, has its own rhythm. Similarly to breathing, which is nothing more than an alternation of activity and rest. In the middle between these two movements, inside and outside, there is a space that we call harmony.

About harmony: is essential in a creative process. It is a river of light that flows from the outside to the inside and vice versa, always in motion.
The intent of this workshop is to perceive our inner harmony in order to give light to an exterior sculpture. An exterior sculpture that will manifest, represent, and reflect this inner harmony.

“Whenever you are in harmony with the natural rhythm of the universe you are a poet, you are a painter, you are a musician, you are a dancer”. OSHO


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