Clay: Pottery, Children and Parents




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In this workshop for children and parents, clay is designed to develop the ability to shape one’s own inner images.
Much of the restlessness of children of this era stems from an excess of mental and abstract stimulation. Clay is a panacea: it is 100% natural, fragrance-free and completely ecological. It is a malleable, soft material; its use and manipulation help us to relax and become grounded.
With Sumito’s loving guidance, parents and children can meet in freedom to spontaneously express intuition and imagination.

In the encounter with clay, parents and children can experiment with the creation of shapes, characters or objects. Playfully working together is to meet each other in a creative and, why not, even a little magical space.

So Let’s play with the clay dance and experiment with short and simple meditations.
It is a course for children aged five and up.

Terre is the name of a space for ceramics and meditation inspired by the traditional workshops of the past. Sumito’s Art Therapy is based on meditation and helps you discover a state of presence that inspires you to create spontaneously and with absolute freedom. Whatever you create becomes the mirror of your present moment. The creative act comes from an intuition. Intuition comes from a space of inner silence.

“If you are a parent, you will need enough courage not to interfere. Open doors of unknown directions to the child, so he can explore”. OSHO



Deva Sumito

Deva Sumito is an artist who graduated from the Istituto D’Arte in Venice. She is also an Art...



Deva Sumito