F.L.Y. First Love Yourself




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This process was born and structured to awaken the love for yourself.

We will explore the jungle of our negative thoughts. They have been there for many years in the undergrowth of our subconscious. We are not even aware of how these judgments are so destructive in our daily life and painful for our heart. We wake up every morning, feeling the prison of these judging voices. We move in the world and everyday life, with the feeling that these voices are the truth. We go to sleep with the same voices, accusing us of being somehow wrong, of never being enough, of being unlovable. In this process, you will discover step by step the truth of these voices. What’s behind these beliefs? What is deeper, below the limit and the pain of these voices? What is really in your heart?

The workshop is addressed to people willing to participate together with their fears, resistances, shame, doubts, pains, but also with a deep desire to change and the longing to rediscover themselves.

It is an inner journey towards new revelations. A good reason to join the group is that self-love is not about luck, but is your birthright. Self-love means rediscovering that at the centre of your heart there is love. What happens after you succeed in loving yourself? It will be easier to give and to receive. You really cannot be open to receive from others, if you are not able to first love yourself.

You will gently and gradually begin to feel that something new is beginning to bubble within you. You will realize that you are neither your mistakes nor your dark thoughts and that your negative self-beliefs arise from misunderstandings about your inner nature. This process, of three days gives you a new perspective on reality.

The techniques used in this process include your ability to question yourself, to open up and to expose yourself to others. The space we create is protected, delicate and supportive to encourage the opening of the heart. We use techniques of bodywork, identification and dissolution of traumas. Negative beliefs systems are 70% identified as body patterns and 30% as cognitive patterns. For this reason, the work is complete in itself: when negative beliefs are released by the body they dissolve even in their cognitive form.

No prerequisite or previous experience is required to participate.



Sambhavo is a high specialized therapist with Master and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. ...