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Do you often feel overwhelmed by your daily-life and forget yourself?

And instead of coming back to you, you look outside, taking refuge in old habits, clichés or trends that distance you even further from what you really need?

And then what happens to you? It is as if you were wearing a dress that is not yours, one that you have not chosen. Perhaps at the beginning you may even like it and, through it, find consensus in others. But it has become detrimental to your body, your energy, and even your heart.

The key question is: would you really be able to choose the dress that belongs to you right now?
First, you need to feel and listen to your body by looking inside yourself.

It’s hard, isn’t it?! But only because you don’t know how to do it anymore, because by now you’ve taken the habit of paying more attention to everything that is outside of you.

You need to reconnect with yourself and love yourself.

You feel like you know so little about you, but what you are not accepting, and acknowledging is that all the answers you are looking for are already within you.
And if you reach your center, you also get the energy you need.
Instead, when you give and seek energy outside, you inevitably feel exhausted, sad and dissatisfied.

I Feel Good! it’s a course to take care of yourself and your body.

We use techniques to return to ourselves. We will often work with the body, which is the fastest and clearest part of us. We will move, dance and explore all the ways to express ourselves creatively through our body. By releasing blocked energy, we can reconnect to our breath, recontact our vital part and feel our heart.

Breathing is the first nourishment in the process of reconnecting with oneself.

During the workshop we will also use different meditation techniques, O.D.H.A. exercises (Divine Healing), music, breathing and everything needed to re-contacting the body, sensations, and discovering how beautiful it is to rediscover ourselves, having fun and meditating together.

The strength of the group makes us feel that we are ONE!

Only in this way we are finally be able to say: “I FEEL GOOD!” but for real this time!!!

“Meditation is not concentration but relaxation – one simply relaxes into oneself. The more you relax, the more you feel yourself open, vulnerable, the more you are less rigid, you are more flexible – and suddenly existence starts penetrating you. You are no longer like a rock, you have openings. Relaxation means allowing yourself to fall into a state where you are not doing anything, because if you are doing something, tension will continue. It is a state of non-doing. You simply relax and you enjoy the feeling of relaxation”. OSHO




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