from 18 September hour 10:00
to 1 October hour 16:30

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“Life is always in flux. There are tides, eddies and whirlpools. Learning to float in love is your lifesaver.” Veeresh

It’s time for InneRevolution! If you feel you need a break, just for you, or nothing works for you anymore, but you still don’t know which new direction to take, or it’s time to clarify particular old dynamics that keep repeating themselves and you are curious to find out who you are.

InneRevolution is a two-week intensive journey that takes you on an extraordinary journey into your inner world. A complete immersion within oneself that has roots in the work of Veeresh and wings in the vast and diversified experience of Dakshina and Nandita.

It combines techniques of Humaniversity Therapy, work, on the body, emotions, communication, counselling, creativity and meditation to improve your life effectively.
Like a made-to-measure suit, InneRevolution starts from your needs and goals.

It is created day by day in a rich succession of sessions, meditations, and particular tasks designed “ad hoc” and work in the commune.

During the weekend, you participate in two courses on the calendar. This edition of InneRevolution includes “Opening to Feeling” conducted by Magna and Maitri and a Meditation Experience, a meditation camp to close the intensive course. During these workshops, you join a new group of people, thus enriching your process with new inputs.

All program activities aim to increase your awareness, care and acceptance, stimulating vital energy, communication and friendship.

In addition to achieving your individual goals, InneRevolution allows you to

  • free yourself from old ballast and emotional burdens that limit your energy and vitality
  • discover new aspects of yourself, new talents and resources
  • strengthen your self-esteem
  • increase your vitality, well-being and positive energy
  • have greater mental clarity
  • practice effective self-help tools to take home with you

InneRevolution is a revolution from the heart, a concrete experience of a “New Beginning”, a unique, intense, creative opportunity to meet yourself like never before.

What makes this alchemy possible?

  • Use of role play
  • Extraordinary techniques created by Veeresh
  • Total immersion in a “suspended time”, dedicated only to you
  • Intense work on the body: BreathWork, Pulsation, Bioenergetics, Dance, Bodywork…
  • Support of the Commune

We provide all our experience and our heart to accompany you in recognizing the beauty that is already within you.

A preliminary interview with Dakshina is required to participate in the intensive course via a Skype video call, which allows you to focus on needs, desires and objectives and clarify any questions or requests.

“Love makes you rebellious, revolutionary. Love gives you wings to soar high. Love gives you insight into things, so that nobody can deceive you, exploit you, oppress you.” OSHO, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha




Nandita is a sannyasin since 1995 and she has lived for 20 years in the Osho Gautama Multiversity...


Dakshina is Psychologist, Professional Expert Trainer Counselor (SICo, Rome), Humaniversity...