Learning Love 2: Living and Loving In Truth




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A healthy and nourishing relationship is based on learning to live and love in a way that is in tune with our inner truth. Quite often, we live in way that we were conditioned to live. And often, we create relationships from this false sense of ourselves.

From this falseness, we sabotage our life and our intimacy with old dysfunctional habits. For instance, we may be doing something or relating with someone in a way that is no longer true for us.

In this process, you will be exploring the ways you are not living in truth and learn to take back your life so that your choices are based on your inner wisdom.

The journey toward real trust, love and freedom is a process of learning to trust ourselves again.

This process of recovery includes:

1) Rediscovering and reclaiming our natural life energy.

2) Learning to trust our own feelings, thoughts and intuition.

3) Learning to stay present, feeling and accepting whatever experience is coming to us each moment

4) Taking risks to being honest and accountable, to open and to expose our vulnerability.

By developing these four tools, we begin a process of coming home to ourselves.

This workshop is a process of learning to live in freedom, coming out of dependency and isolation and learning to be with ourselves and others in a new way.



Krishnananda and Amana

Krishnananda (Thomas Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading courses together...



Krishnananda and Amana