Learning Love: Living with Passion and Depth




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As we take the journey of self-discovery, we come to discover that there are two essential aspects to our being. When integrated into our consciousness and into our life, they create a wholeness.

These two aspects are passion, vitality, curiosity, courage, and life energy on the one hand and on the other hand, depth, insight, and a willingness to explore, feel, and accept our vulnerability with all of our pain, fears, and insecurities. Most of us were not conditioned, encouraged, inspired, or guided to explore, uncover, and develop these two sides of our nature.
Many of us did not experience in our early environments a fully positive alive and vital attitude toward life or the humility and courage to feel pain, fear, and insecurity in a graceful, humbling, and accepting way. Instead, we may have grown up with negative imprints in these two essential aspects of life which may continue to haunt us in our life today.
We may have received strong conditioning to become the person that our parents, culture, and perhaps even schooling expected us to become.

And in that process, most of us abandoned our authentic passion, lost our truth, started to live up to other people’s expectations and became hypnotized with “shoulds” and duty.
We may even have been indoctrinated with stale and repressive religious values. Or maybe we had to play a certain role to fit into our family system and may have lost our joy and sense of wonder in the process.
Furthermore, we may have been exposed to depression, anger, and even violence which are symptoms of our caretakers lacking the ability or the motivation to embrace their fear and pain. Living in this way is the most common cause of depression, low energy, health problems, and losing our joy, creativity and natural aliveness.

Children need support, encouragement, and inspiration to find their identity, gifts, and individual way of expressing their creativity and discovering their natural passion for life. And they need to be taught how to deal with the challenges, heartaches, and difficult moments they will encounter.
Without that support early in life, we may find ourselves today unable to connect with our passion, our creative contribution and our aliveness and we may avoid our depth with distraction, denial, and numbing out.

In this workshop, we are going to explore and learn the basic ingredients of living a life of passion and embracing our depth.

These ingredients include:
– Learning the value of and how to embrace our vulnerability when it arises.
– Risking to discover and trust our authenticity and to feel, think, and act from that truth.
– Contributing and sharing our energy in our own way regardless of what form it takes and regardless of the results it brings.
– Living by our own standards rather than trying to live up to what we were taught.
– Abandoning convention in favor of individuality.
– Learning to follow our heart and our intuition rather than our head and rational mind.
– Being an alive ever-evolving and growing person rather than a robot.


Krishnananda and Amana

Krishnananda (Thomas Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading courses together...