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Time is fascinating. We spend it, we long for it, we waste it, we never have enough of it, and in general we misunderstand it. We think we need to control and organize it.

If you feel you don’t have enough of it you are tense, if you feel you have too much of it you are bored.

What type of time user are you?

In fact, time is not the issue; our ability to relax into the moment is the issue.

Love, death and meditation all happen in the present moment, but our focus, our life energy is often in the past or the future.

Dwelling in the past or future damages our relationships, creates the habit of postponement and prevents us living our life with celebration.

Using meditations with live music, we support relaxing in everyday life. Once we are able to do this, then we have all the time in the world.
The effects are profound and the methods are fun.

Each time you penetrate into meditation, time stops, the clock stops, the world stops. Then you are neither in the past nor in the future nor even in the present; you simply are. There is no time – you cannot relate yourself with time. So the best definition of meditation is ’a state of no-time’ or ’a state of no-mind’”. OSHO, The Sun Rises in the Evening


Shunyo e Veet Marco

Prem Shunyo has been a sannyasin since 1974 and lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of...



Shunyo e Veet Marco