Presence: An Inner Journey




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It’s a weekend of meditation. Step by step, nourish the inner silence. Moving from the outer towards the inner, we will be practising tools that helps us calm the mind.

We will bring awareness to understand processes we go through when we sit and practise meditation.

During the retreat there will be periods in silence and we will be using:

  • Osho’s active meditations.
  • Vipassana and awareness walk
  • Various sitting techniques
  • Work as Meditation
  • Mindfulness

We will be deepening our practise and our understanding of what is witnessing, based Osho’s teachings and ancient meditation tecniques.

You will receive structures and tecniques so you can continue to support a daily meditation-practise at home. We are looking forward to meditate together with you and share our more than 25 years journey of meditation and passion for the inner.

“Because what it is on the first step, so it is on the last step. It is pure witnessing. But on the first step, you are witnessing only the activities of the body. On the second step, you are witnessing the activities of the mind. On the third step, you are witnessing the activities of the heart. And on the fourth, you are simply witnessing your witnessing itself. So if you look at witnessing, it is just the same reality – indivisible. But if you look at the objects of witnessing, then you can divide it into steps. […]
So as far as objects are concerned, you can divide the way into three steps: the body, the mind, the heart. The fourth happens on its own accord. Nobody can do it. If you can fulfill three steps totally and completely, suddenly there is a quantum leap. You find yourself at the very center of your being. The seer is there, but there is nothing to see. The awareness is there, but there is nothing to be aware of when awareness has nothing to be aware of, it turn upon itself. It becomes its own object. And this is what we call realization. You have known thousands of things; for the first time, you know your knowing. You have been conscious of many things; for the first time you become conscious of consciousness itself You have arrived home. So remember, whenever I say that it is indivisible, I mean witnessing. Whenever I say that people can be more advanced, less advanced, I mean that their objects of witnessing can be gross, can be subtle, can be very subtle or, there may be nothing as an object.”

OSHO, The Last Testament



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