Psychic Massage Training 4




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In a Psychic Massage session, when you speak about what you perceive in the client’s body, it should not be simply a report of unrelated impressions. You need to see the pattern created by the various images that come to you, and then form an overview of the client’s situation as a whole.

In this section of the training you learn how to put the pictures together and, from this integration, to give a verbal response that goes directly to the point. What you say to the client depends very much on their level of potential. For example, if the person is new to meditation, you should talk in a supportive way, emphasizing the positive growth. On the other hand, if the person is already rooted in their being, you can reveal personality weaknesses without creating disturbance.

Normally you are helping the client to move from fear to trust. When he has lost trust for some reason—whether through traumatic experience or through lack of love—he needs a change of viewpoint before his defences can be dropped. In the right moment, you can offer to him a new insight that will heal the misunderstandings of the past.

Topics included in the training:

  • Sharpening the focus of the session
  • Deciding the issue, dealing with a false issue
  • Responding to clients of different potentials
  • Understanding the principles of healthy relating
  • Working with the male and female polarity
  • Timing : when to speak
  • Making the session round
  • Finding joy and naturalness when you work

This is a chance for people with previous experience in Psychic Massage to exchange sessions with each other. Those participants coming into this course from a Psychic Massage training with another teacher need to fulfill the same prerequisites as for Part 3: eight days of professional bodywork training and a background in meditation.



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