Portrait and Self Portrait




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Meera Hashimoto had a very unique way to teach self portrait, where through painting you meet yourself in a deep way beyond any superficial layer, discovering each one’s uniqueness and beauty. In this unique process we use self-portrait to examine our relationship with ourselves and our family. In portrait we look beyond the superficial and find a new way to relate with another.

Portrait and Self Portrait is also part of Osho Painting and Art Therapy Training. A training for artists and non-artists, and anyone with a sincere wish to look inside themselves and release their authentic expression. This training is open to all and no previous experience in Painting is needed. All materials are provided.

Many people have a strong longing to be more creative in their lives, but often this wish is not given space to develop as we might like.

This training is designed to unlock your creativity and introduce a deep meeting with yourself so that a new expression may flower in everyday life. We harness the same joy in painting that we knew as children to help unlock our spontaneity and authentic expression without any goal or expectation.



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