SELF-ESTEEM: Recognizing your Value




from 10 April hour 21:30
to 14 April hour 16:30

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A bath of self-esteem, a workshop to rediscover your true values. Each of us is rich with completely personal values, gifts and talents. However, it is likely that they have remained ignored and unexplored and that consequently the sense of self-esteem rises or falls, depending on the standards established from our surroundings and type of education.

Education is a process almost never experienced under the banner of its original meaning. From the Latin “ex-ducere” would mean “to extract, to bring out the true potential”. Although with all the best intentions in the world, we have in fact been filled, stuffed with concepts, rules, restrictions, limits and behavioral patterns. These do not reflect our nature and have eliminated the possibility of knowing and manifesting our true values.

This workshop aims to make us aware of the barriers and restrictions they have given us. We will explore the voices of parents, teachers and other authority figures that we have internalized and that unconsciously direct our behaviors and choices.

We will recognize how much this sabotages our real self-esteem. We will learn how easy it is to make so many old judging patterns dissolve. We will allow our true nature to begin to manifest itself with its values.

Self-esteem then becomes a simple and natural recognition of one’s gifts and talents and can better guide our choices and our actions.

The path of life can become easier, lighter, and full of self-love.



Kovida met Osho in 1978 and her life becomes focussed on self search and meditation. For a long...