SELF LOVE PROGRAM – Transforming Judgments




from 12 June hour 21:30
to 16 June hour 16:30

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“Your own judgments will kill you. You have never thought about it … whenever you are judging somebody, you are judging yourself also; if you condemn somebody as a thief, you are condemning yourself also. You may have done many kinds of stealing.”
OSHO, I Celebrate Myself  

This workshop is one of two Self Love Program course. You can attend only one, but if you book both you can get a benefit. 

Osho helps us become aware of the mind’s continuous judging by telling us that judgments close us off, there is a kind of death in them, that we lose sensitivity and with it also the possibility of growth. When we judge, shrink, get stuck, and stop flourishing. And so the best thing is to be courageous enough to stop judging, even if it is a difficult, seemingly impossible.”

In this workshop you learn that changing the pattern that makes you judge everything and everyone incessantly is possible.

The education you received, the community around you, and the conditioning that was passed on to you have accustomed you to constantly comparing yourself with family, friends, work colleagues, but also with those you don’t even know, based on “this is right, this it’s wrong, this thing shouldn’t be like this, that person isn’t right to behave like that, this other person instead is right…” etc., etc., etc.

In this workshop you are helped to realize what you are absolutely sure of is untrue. And then your attention continuously turned outward, can be guided to explore what happens to you when you are in “judgment mode”, what your mental and emotional apparatus registers and what can be done to change this repetitive pattern.

By exploring the repetitive pattern that makes you formulate criticisms and appreciations in your head and learning to get around this pattern – so unconsciously inherent in your daily life – your mental and emotional energy lightens, and no more burdens and feelings of guilt are created deep inside you.

You are provided with the necessary tools to make judging an object of conscious attention, discovering that you gain more love towards yourself and others.

Meditation techniques are an integral part of every course at Osho Miasto. They help ensure that new understandings are assimilated and integrated within you so that you live ever lighter and more in love towards yourself and others.







Kovida met Osho in 1978 and her life becomes focussed on self search and meditation. For a long...