Sound without Sound




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Singing is celebration… Sing your heart, celebrate a limitless space, sing your Yes to life, which knows a hundred languages, even that of silence. Singing is a journey looking for the divine, a search that puts you in contact with unknown, buried, hidden corners of your being, which are waiting to have a voice to manifest themselves. And, after expressing, the song is silent and leads you to listen to the natural silence that has been created, in and around you.

This workshop is addressed to devotees of beauty, in particular those who see beauty in music and in the possibility of feeling their presence by perceiving themselves between sound and silence. To lovers of singing, as a tool to let go of your tensions in a natural breath, which contacts your true nature. You will reach a deep relaxation and a joyful smile that can remind you of who you are deep inside. You will feel more centered, immersed in the present.

Techniques used:
Mantras, Devotional songs, Sufi zikr, Tibetan bells, Overtones (harmonic), Yoga, Osho’s active meditations.



Advaita is Osho Do Master, martial arts teacher, yoga mantra, overtones, meditation and breathing...