Take the Risk!




from 21 March hour 21:30
to 24 March hour 16:30

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This workshop is for you, you who want to play, to become involved, who want to take the risk and know that there is nothing to lose, who want to experience your totality holding nothing back.

It is not about proving anything to anyone. No, this time you put yourself on the line for the pleasure of feeling yourself, of experiencing new sensations and new emotions. This time there is no judgment: neither someone who tells you-you are wrong, nor that you are right. This time you’re just here, totally with yourself.

It is a group for those with courage.

We will use music, games and meditation techniques allowing you to let yourself go, go beyond ideas and conditioning, beyond patterns and masks already used for such a long time, to move beyond your comfort zone.

“This is trust: the courage to risk your secure life for an unknown end. Nobody knows whether you will be able to reach or not. Nobody knows whether anybody has ever reached or not. But now, nothing matters. Now you are no more a calculator; now you take the jump. Now only this adventure has meaning, and nothing else; and you are ready to sacrifice everything for it.”
OSHO, Come Follow To You



Dayita is a simple man with more then 25 years working on himself and then with people. Actually he...