Tantric Breathing



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from 9 June hour 10:00
to 11 June hour 16:30

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This workshop is dedicated to whoever is looking for himself, for his personal growth and a deep understanding of how energy works in the sexual sphere.

Tantric Breath teaches you to accept, love and transform yourself through the joyful rhythm of the breath, with Trance Energetic Breathing, freeing yourself from old energy blocks and negative units.

Through the breath you let go of old fears related to intimacy. You can relax in the beauty of your body and its senses and experience the most beautiful gift in life: opening your heart to the joy of being alive.

It is a journey through the stages of your sexual development that brings new light and clarity into your life.
You will discover breathing techniques, you will be surprised to let yourself go and launch yourself on the wave of vital energy, preparing yourself for the mystical union of sexuality and heart, thanks to the support of the tantric meditations that we will practice.

It is a deep healing that gently opens you to the natural flow of life energy.

This course coincides with the beginning of the first part of the training in the “Osho Diamond Breath®” training.

“The moment you breathe deeply, sexual energy is released: it has to be released, it has to flow throughout the body. Then your body will become orgasmic.” OSHO




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