Tantric Pulsation Experience 1



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from 15 April hour 10:00
to 21 April hour 16:30

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This two-module experience at the same time delicate, powerful and deep, is based on the breath and bodywork of Wilhelm Reich and inspired by the tantric energy meditations transmitted by Osho in his extensive teachings on Tantra.

It is a path to specifically deepen the work of Tantric Pulsation with practical experiences and theoretical teachings.

It is a process to slow down and become silent inwardly, shifting awareness from the occupied and thinking mind, of the external world, to the inner world of feeling, of the flow present in the body. We will work with the life force energy that is sometimes called sexual energy. It is not directly about sex itself, but about learning to feel alive with all the different qualities and nuances of the vital energy that flows through the body and the chakras: from the animalistic and instinctual layers, through the human expressions of the heart, to the subtle spiritual realms, to silence and to meditation.

It is a way to become aware of the subtle flows of energy that are the basis of all the movements, of all desires and of the orgasmic pleasure we feel when we can surrender to the natural flow of our inner vitality.

The work begins with the opening of our energy system through neo-Reichian breathing of the Pulsation, body movements and active meditations.
We will revisit Wilhelm Reich’s theories and discoveries about the pulsation of the breath and vital energy, the muscle segments, the energy charge and discharge and his orgasm formula. Repression, both of emotions and of sexual energy, creates tensions and muscular blockages in the body, a rigidity in the personality and a reduced ability to feel and express what we feel. When energy returns to flow we can become more aware of the thinnest layer of the second energy body.

We will practice exercises that involve softer movements and breathing: individual meditations, with a partner and in a group and other activities that will enhance and refine sensitivity, balance the level of vitality and spread a fragrance of joy.

The exploration will include powerful Reichian exercises that utilize deep breathing, movements and vocal sounds that help release tension, control and retention and restore our ability to feel pleasure in the natural inner flow of the body.


The first step is to loosen the body’s muscular armor, and to unblock the repressed emotions and sexual energy. As we open the tensions around these muscular and energetic blocks create chronic tension rigidities in the physical body and personality.

When the energy starts to flow again, we can become more aware of the subtler layer of the second body, the energetic body.

Then, through many different body-andbreath oriented meditations we can restore our capacity to feel pleasure and aliveness in the natural inner flow of the body.


The heart as an Energy Transformer
The energy flow of feeling through the eyes, hands and feet
Exposure and examination of our fears of intimacy
Exploration of the qualities of male and female expressions in bioenergy
Muscle segments and Chakras
Emotional problems related to different parts of the body

“Tantra is alchemy, it can transform your centers, those of the other, can create rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved”.  OSHO, Philosophia Perennis


Aneesha Dillon

Aneesha Dillon, American-born, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix...



Aneesha Dillon