Tarot: from Chaos to Cosmos




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In these three days you enter the 22 doors of the Major Arcana of the Tarot to reveal their hidden meanings.
With the help of meditative techniques, deepen your vision of what is happening to you now, here, looking at the present to consciously meet future challenges.

In this workshop you learn how to do a complete Tarot reading using the 22 Major Arcana.

Make friends with each of the 22 main characters of the Tarot, recognizing the presence of these energies in your life. You have the opportunity to create a small autobiography through Tarot symbols.

You explore your intuitive, artistic abilities, your hidden talents. You train your imagination, creativity and together we work towards the ability to see and listen with all the senses, even the spiritual ones.

Take an easy, cheerful journey through the symbols and revelations of Tarot images, experiential and meditative, during which you experience firsthand the meanings and symbols of the Major Arcana.

When we use Tarot, we descend to a deep, intense and rich level. By letting the reading flow from our intuition, passing through the heart, we know trust: the message passes through us and we are a simple intermediary between the visible and the invisible.

To participate you need to bring a tarot deck, preferably Rider Waite.

Reading the book “Tarot from chaos to cosmos” by Archan Paola Migliori edizioni Youcanprint (also available at Osho Miasto’s Oshop) is highly recommended.




Archan met Osho in 1982. The passion for inner research was the driving force behind a large part of...