The Inner Male Female Dynamic: Zen Counseling Training 2




from 9 October hour 10:00
to 13 October hour 16:30

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This course, although part of Zen Counseling Training, is accessible to all, as a complete workshop in itself.

Based on the insights from module 1 about how relationships work, we learn about the relationship between our inner man and woman.

Through various meditations and guided exercises we discover how our inner male and female side relate with each other, who is dominant and takes too much space and which side tends to withdraw.

We explore their unique nature and what would help each of them to find their authentic expression in our life. Ideally, both have space to express themselves, and in this way, they can find their own fulfilment.

Unhappiness or frustration usually arise if one side is not being heard or seen and we often project this onto our love partners. Once our inner relationship reaches more balance, our relating to others simultaneously becomes more harmonious.

We find inner satisfaction when we learn to listen and follow the impulses of our authentic nature and this will eventually allow us to find a work and a creative expression that we enjoy.

The gained insights will allow us to work with a client in a way that nourishes his being and individuality rather than support his dreams, desires and ambitions that are part of his personality. We will also crystallise and dissolve personal problems around life issues such as relationship, work and meditation.

“Yes, my therapists are the best in the world, for the simple reason that other therapists are only therapists, they are not meditators. My therapists are meditators too. Therapy is a superficial thing. It can help to clean the ground, but just to have a clean ground is not to have a garden. You will need something more.”  OSHO, Light on the Path



Svagito is a therapist and spritual teacher, who combines therapy with meditation and mindfulness....