The Medicine Wheel




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An experiential path according to the teachings of Native Americans. An intense journey to reconnect with our roots to honor the ancient teachings of shamanic traditions.

This course is a magical gift of deep healing and connection with yourself, with Mother Earth, and with the Circle.

In many ancient traditions, the Circle has always been considered as the sacred symbol of unity: there is no hierarchy, no energy interruption, only a circular movement with no beginning and no end. The Circle is well represented by the Medicine Wheel, whose teachings allow us to tune in with the cycles of life and with the Four Directions (North – South – East – West). A precious map that enriches our life with new ideas.

A journey of deep awareness and understanding, which helps us to explore with specific “rituals” who we are today through the transformations that life brings us.
We are not born perfect; we are not always equal to ourselves. The human being is in constant transformation, just as the Medicine Wheel is a symbol of energy in constant movement.
What moves, changes! Only what is still becomes stagnant and when we oppose this movement, by attaching ourselves to our emotions, habits, beliefs, we prevent the natural flow of energy.

For American Indians, “medicine” means knowledge, integrity and completeness.
When we talk about the Medicine of the Directions and the Elements, we mean North, South, East, West; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Only when these elements are in harmony within us and the surrounding world, we reach a state of well-being and balance.

These days we will contact the Medicine of each element through the breathing techniques of shamanic traditions.


• Rituals of opening and activating the energies of directions and elements:
• EAST, THE MEDICINE OF FIRE: Transformation, The Flight of the Eagle and the Gift of Vision.
• SOUTH, THE MEDICINE OF WATER: Letting go of the past, releasing creative energy.
• WEST, THE MEDICINE OF THE EARTH: Wisdom, Physical Body, Roots, contact with Power Animal and Mother Earth.
• NORTH, THE MEDICINE OF AIR: Clarity, Breath, Wings.
• CENTRO, THE MEDICINE OF ETHER / LIGHT: Voice of Silence, Returning Home.

• The shamanic art
• The Ceremonies: Sacred Fire, Healing and Sacred Pipe
• Shamanic Breath: shamanic breathing
• The Shamanic Journeys: Medicine, Totem Animals and Spirit Guides
• Rituals: Give Away and Night Rituals
• Construction of the Medicine Wheel
• Talking Stick: Sharing Circles

“No one can become a man without knowing what transcends the body. Nobody becomes a man without knowing the soul. Being born with human features is one thing. Being whole, authentic men is a completely different fact “. OSHO 



Anatta Agiman began her spiritual journey with Osho in 1978, and from whom she received her first...