The Tao of Work and True Success




from 10 July hour 10:00
to 14 July hour 16:30

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Working is tiring and takes up a lot of time. Working can be an opportunity to meditate and get to know yourself.

It is essential to understand how to cleanse your mind and direct it towards responsibility for your life. It is a “crime” to waste a moment complaining about others and circumstances.

Overcoming the systemic dimension of problems and bringing one’s needs back to the centre, using the mind at one’s service, can change our lives!

Getting out of effort and entering the flow dimension brings joy and fulfilment.

This course helps you get out of your specific problem of the moment and gives you tools to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your success.

It helps you through Systemic Constellations (work and business), problem-solving, creativity development, and meditation techniques.

This course is for everyone!

It is a course to get out of the dimension of the problem and open up to solutions.
It is for the entrepreneur who can tackle the company’s problems in a new way.
It is for those who have an employed job and want to escape toxic dynamics in the work environment.
It is for professionals who want to strengthen themselves to manage work relationships and projects more effectively.
It is for those who want to change and need to contact their inner resources and trust.
It is for those who want to open up to the unknown and want to find direction.
It is for those who want to open themselves to a dimension of abundance by reconquering a natural right buried under some trauma or conditioning.

“Lao Tzu says: What is a door? – a door is nothing, it is an emptiness; and from the door you enter.” OSHO, Returning to the Source



Anurag has a humanistic and business education. Through his work, he helps people to fulfill...