The Tarot and Divination




dal 9 Dicembre ore 21:30
al 11 Dicembre ore 16:30

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This workshop opens 22 doors towards the invisible for a meditative approach to understanding the Tarot Major Arcana.

Each of the Major Arcana opens an infinite world that gains depth when explored through the experience of meditation. You will make an easy, cheerful journey through the symbols and revelations of the Tarot images, conduced with meditation techniques. Together we will experiment and make friends with each card. From an energetic point of view, drawing a card is in itself a ritual that prepares you for new spaces. You stop, you gather, you make peace within yourself and you connect, in silence, from a space of receptivity.

The approach that Archan proposes for the Tarot is energetic, not intellectual.

This means we move to a level that is deeper, more complete, and more embracing. The reading comes from our intuition and arrives from the heart. Only in this way do we connect with the essential qualities expressed, listening to their resonance within us, listening to what each card seems to suggest at that given moment. It is up to us to receive the message that arrives with gratitude and to integrate it into our daily life. What comes is exactly what we need.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to complete a Tarot reading using the Major Arcana.

To take part in this workshop, you will need a deck of Rider Waite tarot cards and it is also recommended to read the book “Tarot from chaos to the cosmos” by Archan Paola Migliori editions Youcanprint (also available at the Osho Miasto Oshop)



Archan met Osho in 1982. The passion for inner research was the driving force behind a large part of...