Transform Judgments




from 14 June hour 21:30
to 18 June hour 16:30

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In this workshop you explore the real possibility of changing the pattern that makes you continue to formulate judgments, criticisms and appreciations in your head.

The more you can get around this unknown modality, so inherent in everyday life, the more likely your mental and emotional energy will lighten and no longer create weights and guilt feelings deep inside. The conditioning you received through education, from the people around you, has been transmitted and makes you constantly confront family, friends, work colleagues, and even those you do not know. Based on “this is right, no that’s wrong, this thing shouldn’t be like this, that person’s behaviour is offensive, this other person is just how I would like to be…” and so forth.

You are guided to realize that what you are absolutely certain of is untrue. Then your attention, continually turned outwards, is guided to explore what happens inside when you are in “judgment mode”, what your mental and emotional systems register and what can be done to change this repetitive pattern.

The meditation techniques that are an integral part of every course in Osho Miasto help ensure that new understandings integrate and settle in you, so that you live ever lighter and more in love towards yourself and others.



Kovida met Osho in 1978 and her life becomes focussed on self search and meditation. For a long...