Water Meditation Experience




from 25 April hour 10:00
to 28 April hour 16:30

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Four days of “immersion” in the space of meditation welcomed in the liquid Buddha Hall by Osho Sagar.

Osho’s active meditations are a powerful tool that promote the process of awareness of the present moment starting from the awareness of inhabiting the body in which the essential work of transformation takes place. A work that places being witnesses as the main key to access spaces of silence and stillness of the body and mind.

Practicing some of the hot water meditation techniques has revealed how this element naturally facilitates relaxation and as a result meditation can happen more easily.

In these days you have the opportunity to experience Osho’s most famous meditation techniques adapted to the liquid dimension, keeping faith with the original indications.
Moments of meditation and deep self-listening will alternate with moments in which this same quality is addressed to the other through simple floating experiences typical of WATSU®.
Meditation as an act of self-care is the gift you will take with you from this experience.



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