Being Water

Rediscovering the aquatic body

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A workshop dedicated to the discovery of the water dimension, where we will explore the qualities of this element and in which way they influence our body, emotional and mental system. Recent neuroscientific studies and discoveries, as well as environmental psychology and evolutionary biology, have shown how much water has beneficial influences on all our system and in particular on the mind. Even just being near the water arouses a sense of peace, serenity, relaxation and helps to create that sense of joy and happiness that comes from the most intimate parts of our being. Each of us has a particular relationship with this primordial element that hardly leaves us indifferent: there are those who love it and those who fear it. The quality of this relationship can be determined by various factors starting from the gestation up to the birth, or in some cases to traumatic events lived in tender age. We will use different tools as discovery writing, deep breath techniques in water, Osho’s active meditations carried in the fluid element and small floating experiences derived from Watsu. Each tool used gives the occasion, in a sweet and non-invasive way, to access body memories related to primary experiences. Experiences that are realistically bearing a footprint in the fluids that make up our body. Having access to those memories, immersed in the warm and protected waters of Miacqua Sagar, can melt and dissolve experiences that still limit the relationship we have with life and with the people around us, bringing greater strength and clarity, free from old restrictive conditionings. It is a workshop both for all those who, loving the water, want to explore even deeper dimensions of it, and for those who, living it with a certain fear, be it conscious or unconscious, feel that the time has come to make peace. To draw closer to the water element it is a way to gain the ability to flow with what life brings us, rediscovering inside us useful resources to face moments of crisis and of change that everyday life brings with it. The workshop is open to everybody and no special prerequisites are required.


  • Gyan Keli Procopio began her spiritual journey as a seeker in '88, the year in which he became a ...

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