Deep Blue

Aqua Prana Intensive Experience

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Learn to enjoy your life with the sensuality, aliveness and grace of the movements in deep blue water. Trusting, relaxing and letting go is the world of Aquaprana Water Therapy.Water connects you to the origin of life! A pool of warm water acts as a therapeutic womb to reconnect to your spontaneous and self-healing flow of life energy. You refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate your vital powers. You relax your nervous and strengthen you immune system to heal chronic stress and health problems.You work with a partner, supporting each other with love and care and connecting with memories from the days before you were born.You can participate for the first 5 days or stay for 7 days.Deepening in the expirience of Aquaprana will bring you back from the time in the womb to the momento of birth giving you the oportunity to heal it’s original shock and trauma.Osho Aquaprana Water Therapy works with a combination of soft bodywork, breathing exercises, trance and deep relaxing movements in the fluidity of water.With meditations you integrate this deep experience of yourself. You come home in the beauty of your body!

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  • Shanti from Mexico has studied communication sciences at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico...

  • Dwari has been a therapist for 22 years. She studied psychology at the University of Berlin and h...

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