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Celebrazione del nuovo anno - Gratitudine verso l'anno che sta finendo

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Relaxing Cousciously is a passionate two hour ONLINE meeting with Prashantam, only in Italian language, to get more and more totally involved in meditation. A meeting that offers you the unique opportunity to learn something important for your inner revolution.

Friday 26 March from 6pm to 8pm.

Relaxing is a complex phenomenon. Probably you have never been totally relaxed. And yet you feel  that in relaxation all aspects of life flow naturally .

Your state of consciouness reflects your quality of relaxation . And so being more conscious of your body , of the identifications of your mind and the aliveness of your spirit will create a life of relaxed harmony and inner power.

To participate in this meeting it is not required to have already attended similar experience before, nor to have attended any other seminars in the world of Osho.

Prashantam, founder of the Osho Divine Healing Arts School, has been working with people for more than 30 years around the world. The participants in his workshops believe that working with him is an intense and unforgettable experience.

Prashantam conducts his sessions in Italian or English depending on the majority of participants, he speaks several languages ​​and this gives you the possibility of a direct connection with him; however, a translator is present so that you can get the most out of your participation in this touching meeting.

Cost of the workshop € 35,00 + € 18,00  Membership Card 2021

How to pay :

  • Bank transfer to Istituto Osho Miasto – Banca Etica IBAN IT63S0501802800000011764156 
  • Through PayPal – specifying the email address: 

Please specify date and title of the event and send us a copy of the payment to the email address below.

Info & Booking :  – +39 0577 960124  -  +39 0577 960133

“And this has to be understood because that will lead you into deep relaxation. It is not that you are breathing, but existence is breathing you. It is a change of gestalt, and it happens on its own. If you go on relaxing, accepting everything, relaxing into yourself, by and by, suddenly, you become aware that you are not taking these breaths -- they are coming and going on their own. And so gracefully. With such dignity. With such rhythm. With such harmonious rhythm. Who is doing it? Existence is breathing you. It comes into you, goes out of you. Each moment it rejuvenates you, each moment it makes you alive again and again and again”. OSHO, Ancient Music in the Pines Ch. #3


  • Prashantam - Josè Miguel Pereira De Matos - was born in Portugal in 1949 and received initiat...

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