Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training 5

Embryonic development of the ventricular system and pharyngeal arches. The viscerocranio. The stomatognathic system: structure, functions…

Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training 6

Interpersonal neurobiology. The triune brain. The psycho-physiology of trauma. Trauma resolution skills. Polyvagal theory…

Creativity & Celebration

hen we allow celebration in our life we become more alive, radiant, juicy and full of energy! Throug

Creativity and Innocence

When parents and children share the space of creativity together they can learn from each other. By painting with their children…

Dance Alchemy Training 1

A powerful transformation process that uses dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. It is meditation in action.

Deep Blue: Aquaprana Experience

Trusting, relaxing and letting go is the world of Aquaprana Water Therapy. Water connects you to the origin of life!

Ecstatic Pulsation

Dance is one of the deepest meditations possible. The combination of Pulsation and Estatic Dance arises from the encounter between a passion

Energy Is Delight

This workshop is a chance to celebrate our aliveness in all its manifestations; to live and give space to the whole rainbow…

Essential Enneagram

A map, a powerful tool to support the evolution of human consciousness for self-knowledge and understanding of others…

Exploring Male and Female through Painting

In this workshop, through painting we will explore our authentic creative expression and discover…

Family Constellation

In this workshop with Kovida  we see how each Family System has its own natural order.

Find Your True Authentic Strenght

The bigger and deeper the roots, the taller and stronger the tree. This is valid also for us but…