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This workshop is a process of transforming the sufferings of childhood which affect our life now. It is a path rediscovering the essence we each came into life with, such as innocence, clarity, love, intelligence, creativity, sensitivity.

We do this through bringing love into the past, enabling old wounds and false ideas about ourselves to dissolve.
In a very protected space we use a special process to journey into a deep remembering and embodying of this essence and allow it to deepen and become ours again.
We have a chance to live and enjoy the natural energies we lost touch with as a child, and as these expand, the light it brings can shine through all the layers of conditioning put on us in the past. As this integrates through the magic alchemy of dance and meditation, we can allow our individuality to flower and live.

We begin with Dance Alchemy, understanding the alchemy of transformation and Osho’s transmission of coming to ourselves through joy, love, and celebration of whatever is, through heart meditation, breath, body movement, and dance expression.

Then we move through a very unique childhood process from the Osho School of Mysticism, different than most childhood exploration processes. We start by connecting with the beauty, the preciousness that is there deep inside, bringing love to this essential beauty we all have, even if we’ve had to hide it away.

Rather than attacking the wounds and problems and trying to change them, with light and love we go back to the time in our childhood when in order to survive painful, limiting circumstances we moved away from our original selves. We allow the light to shine through all the layers of unpleasant experience, and have a chance to understand why we had to become the way we did, instead of thinking something is wrong with us. Seeing this through love rather than trying to change gives birth to a new self-acceptance, compassion and a new fire to be ourselves.

Coming out of this process we feel again the natural energies that we lost touch with – our innocence, strength, clarity, courage, vulnerability, sensuality, joy, intelligence, emotional sensitivity, creativity.

As we dance, our energies begin to expand, as well as our own unique way of expressing them. Each chakra will be allowed to dance, and all that has been unlived begins to be re-discovered.

We will explore situations in our daily life and relationships in which we have been reacting out of past nightmares, bringing the alchemy of transformation through dance to the feelings involved. We discover new possibilities of creativity, expression, relating and responding with choice and freedom to be ourselves and to celebrate just the way we are.

“…and the joy, on the day you discover your original face, alive, innocent, fresh, intact, waiting to be rediscovered – what more you can expect?” OSHO, From Darkness to Light


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