Celebrate Yourself – OSHO Childhood Liberation




from 29 March hour 10:00
to 1 April hour 16:30

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This workshop is a process of transforming those childhood wounds that still influence our lives today. By bringing love to our past, we transform our beliefs and false ideas about ourselves.

Through the alchemy of dance and meditation, we rediscover the natural energy we lost contact with as children to let our individuality flourish.

This particular path, created in the Osho School of Mysticism, we practice heart meditation, breathing, body movement and expression through dance.

We connect with the beauty we have inside, which we have often had to hide. Instead of struggling with hurts and problems to try to change them, we bring love and light. Let’s go back to our childhood when we distanced ourselves from ourselves and our innocence to survive painful circumstances.

We dance along the map of the chakras to explore events in our daily lives, to which we react automatically by repeating past patterns.

By breaking through the layers of unpleasant experiences, we can understand why we had to become the way we are instead of thinking we were wrong.

Looking at all this through love instead of judgment can give rise to a more realistic self-acceptance.

When we dance, our energy expands, and so does our way of expressing ourselves. A new emotional intelligence guides you with creativity towards your sensitivity, vulnerability, courage and joy of living.

We discover new possibilities for expression and response, with the freedom to be ourselves and celebrate who we are.

“…and the joy, on the day you discover your original face, alive, innocent, fresh, intact, waiting to be rediscovered – what more you can expect?” OSHO, From Darkness to Light



Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...