Five Keys to a Happier Life




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Who doesn’t want to be happier?!

While it may not be realistic to strive for constant happiness, we can learn to elevate our levels of happiness through these transformative heart meditations, and key findings of positive psychology research.

Many of us seek happiness in external factors by chasing desires, while others seek to find fulfillment within. This 5-day workshop aims to connect you to both the blissfulness of your inner being, while igniting your joy and passion for life!

Each day we will focus on a vital key to a happier life: connection, acceptance, loving awareness, gratitude, and trust. You will be guided through a range of heart meditation techniques, self-awareness methods, chakra breathing, and mindfulness explorations to transform the negative habits that limit your life.

Join us if you would like to:

• Wake up to the blessing of who you are!
• Learn to transform negative emotions and limiting mindsets through meditation.
• Heal feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, and pain of separation to find love within yourself.
• Embrace yourself and others wholeheartedly, including our strengths and imperfections.
• Meet others heart-to-heart as a doorway into the divine to become one with existence.
• Experience profound peace through accepting circumstances beyond our control.
• Shift your perspective of yourself, others, and life through a vertical leap into gratitude.
• Become centered in your innate power and wisdom, as you trust in your destiny and life.

“Whenever someone goes within himself, he is the owner of a treasure that never vanishes. He is drowned in an experience of bliss that is the gratitude of life, the blessedness of life, the attainment of life, and the meaning of life.” OSHO



Tarika Lovegarden

Tarika Lovegarden, author of "Meditations on the Fridge: Maintain Your Weight Mindfully" and founder...



Tarika Lovegarden