Flowing in the Relationship: Freedom from Judgments




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Flowing in Relationships is a workshop on relating from a space of freedom from judgments.

For the human being it is very difficult and complex to relate. It is rare to experience situations in which there is respect, understanding and kindness between us and the other.

The mind judges, even without any reason, the mind judges immediately. When we judge we restrict ourselves, we close ourselves to the other, we defend ourselves so as not to feel hurt and maybe we are the first to hurt.

Relationships, any type of relationship, in the family, at work, in the couple, are polluted by the continuous work of the mind. The mind committed to judging, to wanting things to be different, to wanting others according to our personal idea of how they should be to be “righteous”. All this creates heavy and negative moods that poison relationships.

In this workshop we will explore with different techniques and meditations, how liberating and possible it is to work on one’s judgments, recognize them, understand them and transform them.

Freedom from judgments means being free from ideas or preconceptions that always filter our relationship with reality.

The mystics have always shown us this path: Jesus said “do not judge”, “turn the other cheek”. Gurdjeff had received from his father only one inheritance, these words: “if someone verbally attacks you, just answer him that you will meet him after 24 hours “.

Osho says “The greatest thing is to be brave to the point of not judging, the greatest courage is to suspend judgment.” All together we will set out on this path and we will be amazed to experience how much relationships can become more fluid, easier, more aware and full of real respect and love.

“Meditation is a simple process of watching your own mind, not fighting with the mind, not trying to control it either. Just remaining there, a choiceless witness. Whatsoever passes you simply take note of it with no prejudice for or against. You don’t call it names: ‘That this should not come to my mind, that this is an ugly thought and this is a very beautiful and virtuous thought. You should not judge. You should remain non-judgmental because the moment you judge, you lose meditation. You become identified. Either you become a friend or you become a foe. You create relationships. 

Meditation means remaining unrelated with your thought process utterly unrelated, cool, calm. Watching whatsoever is passing. And then a miracle happens: slowly slowly one becomes aware. That less and less thoughts are passing. The more alert you are, the less thoughts pass. The less alert you are, the more thoughts pass. It is as if traffic depends on your awareness. When you are perfectly aware even for a single moment, all thinking stops. Immediately, there is a sudden stop and the road is empty, there is no traffic. That moment is meditation.”
OSHO, Eighty Four Thousand Poems



Kovida met Osho in 1978 and her life becomes focussed on self search and meditation. For a long...