The Pathless Path – Young people 16-20 years old



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dal 17 Luglio ore 10:00
al 24 Luglio ore 16:30

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Are you between 16 and 20 years old and want to spend a different holiday than usual? Do you want to meet new people who come from all over the world and, like you, have a heart that beats intensely? If the adventure of meditation resonates within you, if you are curious to know the intensity and totality of yourself and at the same time laughing, singing, dancing and experiencing many techniques full of wisdom and a little madness, you will be welcome in the beauty of Miasto’s nature, among trees and woods, overtones and mantras, zikr and martial arts, dance and tarot cards… and more.

You will spend 7 intense days, in the company of boys and girls of your age, experiencing Osho’s meditation techniques and more. You will slowly discover the silence, the incredible magical quality of meditation, the beauty inside and outside you. It is a unique opportunity that Miasto offers to young people. The structure is an ancient village on a hill and consists of several buildings, including a modern structure with a hot water pool inside.



Advaita is Osho Do Master, martial arts teacher, yoga mantra, overtones, meditation and breathing...