Learning Love: from Fantasy Trust to Real Trust




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Most of us lost a deep sense of inner trust and live today with a wound of mistrust – in ourselves, others, and in life itself. This mistrust wound easily gets activated by other people or difficult life challenges.

Often, we may begin a relationship in a kind of fantasy trust and then become disappointed when the other person or life itself, presents us with situations or behavior that causes us to lose the original trust we thought we had. Our mistrust can also show itself in certain behavior as isolating, being irritable and angry, or becoming depressed.
The origin of our mistrust is rooted in experiences from our past. Many of us had situations either at home or at school that might have been deeply shaming, frightening, or even abusive that caused us to lose our natural innocence and trust. Today, we may be torn between wanting to open and have intimacy but not wanting to be hurt, disrespected, or rejected again. Recovering trust does not depend on hoping that other people or the world will relate to us in a way that proves that we can trust again. That approach only leads to continual disappointment. Real trust comes from inside us, from building an inner confidence and deep sense of understanding that whatever life brings us is for our benefit and growth, even when it’s very painful.

In this workshop, we will explore how your mistrust wound shows itself in your life and teach very specific tools to recover what we have lost. Rediscovering our natural trust in ourselves and life has profound effect on our life. It is like coming home again. It allows us to feel what is right for us, to create meaningful nourishing relationships, to be able to set limits, to enjoy life and expand into living an interesting and creative life.

As in all the Learning Love workshops, we work in a soft and supportive way guiding you through carefully designed exercises and meditations.




Krishnananda and Amana

Krishnananda (Thomas Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading courses together...